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10 Favorite Things

Updated: Oct 23

I turned 40 a couple week ago, and let me tell you ... it has felt very empowering. I have a new sense of confidence and, it feels cool to enter a new phase of life.

When I say "phase of life" I mean UNEMPLOYED and NERVOUS. lol. I'm being a little dramatic. Life is good, but I also started applying for jobs last week, and it feels equal parts exciting and overwhelming. I just need to get into the groove of things, you know?

My goal this week is to start going back to yoga classes and take lots of deep, mindful breaths during the day. It's all going to work out, but patience is key.

I also need to remind myself that I'm only 5 weeks post-op from a pretty major surgery. Anywaaaay.

Let's move on to 10 things I'm into this week, shall we?

  1. I love these budget-friendly sunglasses so much— I have them in multiple colors and I recently bought the shade "transparent brown" (pictured above). I think I'm into them! Here's the comfy men's ringer tee I'm wearing.

  2. I have a ginormous walnut tree in my front yard, and the leaves are changing colors and completely covering the lawn. It's making me want to start decorating for Halloween a little early, tbqh.

  3. When it comes to coffee, I prefer using a pink single cup coffee maker so I can control how much I drink. But, I always end up getting coffee somewhere when I'm out running errands, so I don't really think the whole moderation thing is working?

  4. Very excited to wear this festive ham sweatshirt all winter long (and it's on sale).

  5. If you're looking for the perfect lip gloss, look no further. This one is incredibly hydrating—it's like a lip gloss/balm hybrid, and I've been wearing the heck out of it.

  6. My mind wanders in all directions pretty much constantly, and I had this random thought the other day: "I wonder if they make sun catchers specifically for cars?" Great news. They do and it has been an instant mood booster.

  7. I can't wait to flip through this book.

  8. Here's a little recommendation from someone who loves to clean all the time (me). I bought a robot vacuum that's cheaper and BETTER than a Roomba. It works great and it's perfect if you have pets. There aren't any roller brushes on the bottom, so it's a breeze to clean after using it.

  9. I'm going to start wearing this pajama set to bed immediately.

  10. If you're local, I highly recommend grabbing some frozen pot pies from Prairie Pie. I love throwing one in the oven when I don't feel like cooking (which has been way too often lately).

P.S. Here's a link to last week's 10 Favorite Things post.

xoxo, Jacki

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