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My Grandmas Rings

Updated: Nov 16

I wore a decent amount of jewelry and rings in the late 90s. And I always had my zodiac necklace on from Renaissance Books and Gifts.

If you don't know about this place, it's been in Springfield for decades, and it's very similar to the bookstore in The Craft. Maybe I need to go back for old times sake. 👻

vintage ring holder on vanity

Anyway, for whatever reason, I stopped wearing jewelry after high school—minus those chunky necklaces from Forever 21 that were popular in the mid 2000s. I have some embarrassing photos somewhere ...

Soon after my grandma, Ruth, passed away in 2013, my mom gave me her diamond cocktail ring. I felt so lucky to have it.

It was a beautiful ring that I remember her wearing all the time. My grandpa gave it to her in the 1960s and he even had her name engraved (in Arabic) on the inside of the band.

I thought it looked way too fancy to wear. For years, I thought it could be a wedding ring if I ever got married. Spoiler alert: I did not wear it as a wedding ring.

A few years ago, I basically said screw it and decided to wear it instead of looking at it in my jewelry holder everyday.

Looking back, I'm not sure why I was so hung up on it looking "too fancy." Especially since my grandma wore it, along with her wedding band, every single day. She wasn't the kind of woman who flaunted wealth or cared about fancy things. I loved that about her.

black and white engagement photo
Ruth Razook Davis

I can picture it on her finger right now. She never made it look extra sparkly—it's a ring she wore when she was making homemade dough, preparing Lebanese meals, and baking the best chocolate sheet cake on the planet. It was a part of her, and it was special.

rainbow prism on hand

girl wearing earmuffs

I was equally close to my other grandma, Joanie. She was wonderful at decorating (and everything, for that matter) and she held onto many special things that were later handed down to me.

One of those special things was a unique pearl ring that my grandpa bought her in the 1980s. She gave it to me a couple weeks before she passed away in 2022, and I cherish it so much. I wear it on my left ring finger every single day.

black and white engagement photo
Joan Hardy Moseley

We wore the same ring size, and it fit perfectly the first time I put it on. And just like my other grandma's ring, I can remember her wearing it when I was little.

I wouldn't feel like myself if I didn't put their rings on every day, and they serve as a constant reminder of how lucky I was to have these amazing women in my life.

xoxo, Grandma Jacki

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