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Vintage Dining Room Tour (Before + After)

Updated: 6 days ago

It's been exactly one year since I bought my 100-year-old bungalow, and it seemed the perfect time to share a tour of the dining room.

I looked at this house for about 10 minutes before I put an offer down (truly terrifying) but it was all worth it because of this window. It's real and it's spectacular.

mid-century dining room table

Vintage dining room decor

Here's a view from the living room. It's such a HAPPY space.

I got rid of over half of my belongings before I moved last year, and like a true ding dong, I didn't measure to see if my furniture would fit.

Thankfully, it did. And everything I kept just sort of fit perfectly in the new dining room. Sometimes the stars align that way. 🔮

Vintage Hoosier cabinet

I bought this antique baking cabinet for a cool $100 about 11 years ago. It has a flour sifter inside the left cabinet, and it's the perfect spot to store all the random things I have ... like a Nine Inch Nails music video box set from 1997 and a bag of miscellaneous cords.

Virgos are great at keeping things nice and neat on the outside, but I dare you to look inside the drawers and closets in my house.

The original wood floors were in pretty bad shape, but I wasn't going to have them refinished until I saw that part of the floor was MISSING in the spare room. More on that later.

In true before/after fashion, here are a few satisfying before photos. The walls were painted a pale green color. Not terrible, but not great.

The photo above shows where the baking cabinet is now.

This cast iron light fixture is original to the house, and there are matching lights above the mantel in the living room. I'm so glad someone kept them!

Vintage gold chandelier

I sprayed the heck out of everything with my favorite gold spray paint and swapped the bulbs out for this chandelier bulb set. SO much better.

Vintage Dr. Suess books

Vintage glow in the dark stars

Words will never be able to describe how I felt when I found this unopened pack of glow in the dark stars at the flea market. Straight from the 90s. From NATURAL WONDERS of all places.

vintage magazines on top of old radio

I also have a tiny collection of 90s magazines. The ironic (and annoying) thing is that I had every issue of Seventeen magazine from 1996-1999, and threw all of them in the trash after I graduated from high school. It still hurts.

I bought these magazines on eBay and the nostalgia was worth every penny!

Vintage dining room furniture

Vintage taper candles

A lot of people ask me if this is a blown up photograph of my grandma. It's not, but I really wish I knew who it was. It will always be a grandma mystery.

If you're into taper candles as much as I am, you should treat yourself to this set. The gradient colors are bright and fun.

Also pictured is my grandmas antique butter mold. Ahhh!

Ice cream cone cookie jars

I wrote a whole post about my ice cream cone cookie jar collection.

Vintage home decor

I bought this set of radiator salt and pepper shakers at auction recently. Too cute for words, really.

Vintage dining room decor

The dining room table is Danish-made and straight out of the 1960s. It was my great- grandma Helen's.

How crazy is it that she owned this table when she lived on the same street as I do now? Another crazy universe thing.

Vintage rattan chair

My grandma gave me a set of her rattan chairs. Just like everything she owned, they remind me of my childhood (and they still look brand new).

monsterra plant and shell chandelier

This monstera plant is thriving next to the big window. I need to figure out how to keep it happy during the winter months.

You can't tell in the photo, but the Last Supper print is super old and has big chunks of glitter all over it. Very kitschy.

Vintage shell chandelier

I stuck a vintage floral die cut inside my vintage seashell chandelier (which is incredibly hard to say) instead of using a real plant because that's how my brain works, apparently.

I love how this space turned out, and I loved sharing it with you even more!

xoxo, Jacki

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