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10 Favorite Things

Updated: 4 days ago

Have you ever become friends with someone through Facebook Marketplace? Well, I have. I met my friend Taryn back in 2019 after she bought a few things from me, and we've stayed in touch ever since.

She's close to my parents age, but as you likely know by now, I'm an an old soul, so I don't even think about it.

Taryn has given me a lot of great life advice over the years, and the last time we had lunch, she gave me something that she's had for years (but didn't have a place for). The incredible Brady Bunch-esque light shade pictured below.

I can't wait to hang it in my sunroom. It's the only room I have left to decorate in my house, and I've decided to base the decor around this light fixture— it's going to be full of retro fun.

However, until I feel motivated to do that, my sunroom will continue to look like a very sad garage. Lol.

girl holding retro flower light shade

Here are a few things I've been into lately!

  1. I'm thinking about doing something different with my Christmas tree this year using colorful glitter bows. Here's an inspiration photo. We'll see!

  2. I've been wearing these gold earrings on repeat since I bought them. They remind me of something from Madewell, but less expensive.

  3. If you didn't see it, I shared my house buying story last week. It's kind of crazy that I was looking for a house to buy last year, and now I'm looking for a new job. The universe is demanding change in my life!

  4. I've tried a bunch of different dry shampoos, and this one is the clear winner. You can also find it at most Walgreens stores.

  5. Leopard print has become an unexpected favorite of mine the past couple years. We're talking pants, tops, sneakers, and socks (sometimes at the same time.) I found the perfect pair of loafers to add to my collection.

  6. I have a Himalayan salt nightlight in my bathroom, and I love the heck out of it. I can already think of a couple people who are getting a set of them for Christmas.

  7. My favorite splurge lipstick. It's made with clean ingredients and the formula is really moisturizing and long-wearing. I wear the color Rosette.

  8. I can't believe it's almost time to buy a 2024 planner. I've been using this brand for years, and I use the fun sticker sheets it comes with for birthday cards and little things here and there.

  9. It's officially sweater/turtleneck season, and I'm here for it. There's one in particular that's going to get its OWN blog post soon. I have a crazy amount of turtlenecks (especially holiday-themed ones) and they've all been Goodwill finds.

  10. The best tea in the universe—especially when it's cold outside. Do yourself a favor and cozy up with some asap!

P.S. Here's a link to my last 10 Favorite Things post. xoxo, Jacki

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