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10 Favorite Things

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

I have my 3rd interview with a local company next week and I'm feeling a cool combination of excited, nervous, and ... nervous.

I can confidently say I nailed the first two interviews, but some of the things I have to present for the next one feel out of comfort zone. New things can be scary!

Regardless of what happens, I'm trying to remind myself that all of this is going to be good practice for me. Like, if I don't get this job, my life won't be over. It just means that it wasn't meant to be (but I'm very ready to find the right thing, and this job feels like it). So yeah, that's where my cold virus-ridden head is right now.

I didn't really plan on announcing the job stuff to anyone, but I figured it couldn't hurt to put it out in the universe. As the cool kids say ... "fingers and toes crossed!"

Woman wearing red Christmas sweatshirt on front porch

In others news, I've been wearing Christmas turtlenecks, sweatshirts, and sweaters every day for the last week. It's kind of funny how many I've collected over the years.

Here's a link to my Griswold Family Christmas sweatshirt and jeans. The sweatshirt is really soft and comfy.

For this week's 10 things, I thought I would share what I have on my Christmas list this year. Cool? Cool.

  1. A nostalgic (but not full-on vintage) microwave. I love the color.

  2. I've had my eye on this limited-edition eyeshadow palette for a while. Pun 100% intended. Update: It looks like it's out of stock everywhere, but here's a similar one.

  3. I bought a pair of faux Birkenstocks over the summer and have worn them to death. They have a little life left in them, but not much. I also have them in brown.

  4. I love this puffer jacket. Plus, the brand makes me feel cool and younger than I am.

  5. I would really like to replace my old and boring flaware set with this one. I'm into the unique design and mix of gold and silver. Oh, and it's affordable.

  6. I'll admit that I'm pretty terrible at dressing appropriately for cold weather. But, I'm pretty sure these gloves are going to help motivate me this winter.

  7. I obviously want this sweatshirt from one of my favorite Etsy shops. 🔪

  8. I desperately need a frying pan set that doesn't have all those weird chemicals in the coating. These seem perfect!

  9. This makeup bag reminds me of the 90s. And my high school bedroom, of course.

  10. And last but never least, a fresh set of hand towels for my bathroom. It's hard to pick between this design and the floral one. They're both A++ to me.

xoxo, Jacki

P.S. Here's a link to my last 10 Favorite Things post.


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