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10 Favorite Things

Hi there! Life has been equal parts crazy and busy lately. I started a new position at work (I'm an Inbound Specialist now, so fancy!), and I'm trying to get my bearings and understand what the heck I'm doing.

As a certified perfectionist, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to my job. Getting promoted to a different position with more responsibility should be a compliment. Instead, my brain starts to freak out and feel overwhelmed by change.

Per usual, I'm trying to remind myself that it takes time to learn and grow, and taking things a day at a time is key. Yada, Yada, and also.... Yada. ;D

Here are a couple of things I'm looking forward to this weekend (and next):

  • I'm working at Hakaars Bazaar this Saturday and Sunday (May 4th and 5th). This is my HAPPY place, and I love helping Vinnie and Lauren out when they're out of town.

Girl wearing green shirt in front of orange shower curtain

  1. My kitchen rug situation was looking pretty bad, so I bought this set of kitchen mats, and I LOVE them. The pattern is perfect, and they are washable. I have a habit of throwing everything I own in the washing machine, regardless, so this feels reassuring to me.

  2. I'm amazed at the amount of water I drink when I use this bottle. Some of these "bottles" can look pretty insane, but this one is a half-gallon size and not too crazy. I drink two of them every day (plus various cans of sparkling water), and I finally feel properly hydrated!

  3. This brand is soooo fancy and cool, but I'm too cheap to splurge on their perfume. They have a customizable sample set option that I'm really tempted to buy. Should I do it?

  4. Here's a link to my "never better" skeleton t-shirt. It's hilarious and very relatable, IMO. My boss was wearing it (in black) last week, and I quickly ordered one of my own.

  5. I shared my spare room and open closet makeover a few weeks ago. I love having a TV and sofa in there— it's the perfect alternative to hanging out in my living room.

  6. I stumbled across this Etsy shop and saw this matching plant stand and planter set that would look pretty good on my porch.

  7. It took me way too long to start watching Succession, but here we are. I'm hooked.

  8. This "viral lip stain" (what a funny thing to say) is still on my list of things to try. I don't understand how it works, but I WANT it.

  9. In my quest to buy cheap shoes and sandals so I can ruin my feet, I ordered a pair of cloud sandals to wear while I'm doing stuff around the house and walking Norman.

  10. Last but not least, I've been using this face oil for about a month, and it works like a charm; it's filled to the brim with natural ingredients, and it's affordable. 10/10 stars.

P.S. Here's a link to my last 10 Things post in case you missed it. Talk soon!


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