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Collections: Antique Printers Drawers

Updated: Nov 16

I remember when my grandma gave me her antique printers drawer. It was filled with tiny things like a glass Coca Cola bottle and a wire basket filled with paper eggs. She would let me take the miniatures out of the drawer and hold them when I was a little. I thought they were so neat!

She gave me her collection about 15 year ago, soon after I moved into my second apartment. It was such a special gift! I figured it would take years to completely fill up the drawer, and I was right.

Back in the early 18th and 19th century, printers drawers (also known as letterpress trays) were used to organize stamps inside large printing cabinets.

These wooden drawers are used for something completely different today. They are the perfect place to display tiny collections.

They make my brain very happy, and I own three of them. 👵🏻

Antique printers drawers

Here's a closer look at the one my grandma gave me. I have it in my bedroom.

Printers drawer with miniatures

In a perfect world, I will find miniatures that are small enough to fit in those bottom squares. So tiny.

printers drawer with miniatures

I have a really big printers drawer in my living room, and all of the spaces are the same size. One of my favorite pieces from this collection is the smallest handmade book ever; Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Ah!

Antique printers drawer with miniatures

Antique printers drawer with miniatures

Antique printers drawer with miniatures

My most recent collection was a gift from my cousin. I received a surprise package in the mail from Chicago last year, and it was filled with my great aunt's printers drawer, miniatures, and holiday decor from the 1960s. I was elated to receive so many special things that belonged to my grandma's sister, Phyllis.

I have her collection in my office/den room.

Antique printers drawer with miniatures

antique printers drawer with miniatures

I hope this inspires you to keep an eye out for the little things in life and start your own collection.

xoxo, Jacki

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