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My Vintage Christmas Home Tour

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

My grandma was the best at decorating and her Christmas decorations were always next level. She made the holidays extra special, and she 100% influenced me to do the same thing in my home. I've been collecting Christmas decor for the past 15+ years.

This is my second Christmas at this house, and I decided to do something ... different ... with the tree. I'm not totally sure how I feel about it. It's a crazy tree to say the least.

OK! Tour time.

Red Heer's Department Store Christmas banner

It's truly a Christmas miracle that this Heer's Department Store banner was just hanging out at a local antique shop. A friend of mine found it and I (obviously) freaked out when I saw it. It looks brand new!

I love imagining what it looked like displayed in one of their holiday windows back in the day.

I already had a wooden poster hanger that was magically the same size, so I stuck it in there with some fabric glue. That's about as DIY as it gets around here!

Christmas decor on white table with pink lamp

Vintage red Christmas ornament

White fiber optic Chritmas tree

This tree might look "normal" in this photo, but in person, it resembles something from a rainbow-themed-rave Christmas party. In all honesty, it's kind of fun. My other tree looked wonky and some of the lights weren't working, so I picked this guy for Christmas 2023.

I switched things up even more by not hanging up my big collection of ornaments on the tree this year. I kinda love the bow trend that's going on right now, so I used a combination of gold glitter bows and a vintage set of ornaments with colorful jewels on them.

I ended up finding both at the flea market for next to nothing. A score, indeed.

Boston terrier and santa pinata

Hi, Norman. Hi, weird santa pinata.

Vintage angel tree topper

Vintage Christmas record

Angel stocking hanging on rock fireplace

My grandma made the angel stocking when I was little. It's perfect!

Vintage Christmas decor

Front door decorated with Christmas decor

Vintage Christmas magazine and book

Vintage Christmas decorations on white coffee table

Frame santa book cover

Back of frame with hand written note

I love the note on the back of this frame. This was an estate sale find from a few years ago, and I had to bring it home with me.

Wood dining table with Christmas decor

Vintage candle-shaped honeycomb decor

I usually treat myself to a new Christmas decoration every year, and this honeycomb candle was the clear winner. I found it back in October at one of my favorite flea markets in Kansas City.

Knitted Christmas snowmen and candle

Vintage Christmas decor on top of white hutch

Vintage santa decor and taper candle collection

Kitchen with santa potholder

I did a little decorating in the kitchen, but nothing too crazy.

I'm just now realizing that 99% of my decorations are santa-themed. LOL

Santa kitchen towel

Someday, I want to put old-fashioned Christmas lights on the outside of my house. They are the best kind, hands down. 🤶

Merry Christmas! - Grandma Jacki


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