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Updated: Nov 16

My post-hysterectomy brain fog has been a 10/10. That's right. I had my reproductive system (sans ovaries) removed last week and my mind feels like a bouncy ball. With lots of fog.

Yesterday, I had a random thought and immediately posted about it on my Instagram story, as one does. "I should start a website." Actually... "I'm going to start a website, like, this week, even though I don't feel well." Bingo.

My grandma (bottom right) in one of the greatest photos ever taken.

I don't really have a clear plan. I mean, I'm actually unemployed right now (which sounds very alarming). I spent the last 9 years at A Beautiful Mess working my way up from Office Manager (we didn't have an IG and the term "influencer' didn't exist when I started ... what did I do all day?) to Content & Communications Manager. It was truly my dream job.

However, as we all know by now, things change. Change was my least favorite word in the dictionary until a few weeks ago when it was forced on me. And it was exactly what I needed. Do I sound insanely optimistic? Trust me, I'm surprised too.

The game plan I came up with the day after I was laid off was:

  • Have surgery in 2 weeks

  • Heal and recover

  • Search and apply for jobs

And because I'm apparently all about change right now and I have no chill, let's go ahead and add "start a personal blog" to that list.

Having said that, there's only one stipulation about this idea—I desperately want this blog to be for fun and nothing else.

I'm proud to say that I know how to write a blog post that will rank on Google. SEO research is good for my brain. And, I can manage the heck out of an affiliate program while running social media accounts and writing newsletters for a lifestyle blog. HOWEVER, that isn't what this blog is about. I want to keep things simple without any pressure.

The Golden Years came to me yesterday (seemingly out of nowhere) and I knew exactly why. I remembered when my grandma talked about growing up during "the golden years," a span of time that I can only experience through flea market finds, old TV shows, and my goofy nostalgic brain.

On the flip side, I experienced two life changing events during the month of August, and I have another one coming up in September— My 40th birthday. Wow, OK.

To me, all of this signifies positive change and a new path in life.

Here's to the golden years.

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